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We offer a seamless and stress free shipping process for both local and international purchases for motorcycles and all other products.

We partner with Nirvana Cargo Logistics and other experts to make sure your dream motorcycles are delivered to you in perfect quality at an affordable cost.

Local Motorcycle Shipping

We ensure your motorcycle is delivered conveniently to your location when you make purchases within the United States from any of our stores locally.

We offer free shipping services and bonus incentives for purchases within the United States depending on your purchase volume and selected products.

International Motorcycle Shipping

Whether you need to ship a motorcycle overseas via container service, ro-ro, or airfreight, the first step is to research licensed, bonded, and experienced international motorcycle shipping companies.

Where do you need to transport your bike?

Some of our highest volume destinations include Europe, United Kingdom, the Pacific, Middle East and Southeast Asia. With our consolidation services, you’ll also get some of the best rates in the business! Nirvana Cargo Logistics ships over 5,000 motorbikes internationally per year to over 80 countries across the globe. It all starts with their customized pick up services that take into account your location, budget, and overall requirements. All these factors help determine the overall cost to ship a motorcycle.

How International Motorcycle Shipping Works

Read this guide below on international motorcycle shipping and make a purchase from anywhere today!

The first step to any international shipment is receiving the vehicle(s). You can take advantage of our nationwide and international services. With our Nirvana Cargo Logistics services, you can buy a motorcycle from us today and we can arrange shipping overseas from any of our stores in the USA. Upon entry of bikes into one of 5 USA motorcycle shipping port locations, we will send a full and complete dock receipt and inspection report. Pictures of your motorcycle are taken and you’ll be emailed copies for your records before it moves internationally.

Nirvana Cargo Logistics offers the following International Motorcycle Transport Services

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International Motorcycle Shipping

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Ship Motorcycle Overseas: Container and Air Freight

Did you know that faulty equipment and improper securing are the leading cause of damage during motorcycle exports? Many international motorcycle shippers don’t have the proper specialty loading equipment like Nirvana. With our volume, we are able to offer a variety of safety features for your motorcycle shipments so you know its in the best hands. Loading and Handling Motorcycles for Overseas Transport One of the most important steps performed by international motorcycle shippers is securing your bikes. Only our professionally trained staff handle your motorcycles when preparing the container.

Furthermore, when shipping a motorcycle overseas via container, all of our loading is done in house and not by a broker! Many international motorcycle shipping companies use 3rd party loaders, but we have our own team so we control our own process.
We only use certified wood for handing the bikes. Within the containers, the motorcycles are strapped down and secured using the “block and brace” method. The structure of the wood enclosures keep the bikes from moving while on the ocean.
Depending on how many bikes ship and the size of the container, double stacking is available. This results in even lower international motorcycle shipping rates. We would only provide this service since we build the ramps ourselves to make sure your bikes are safe while shipping overseas.
As an additional service, we can also crate a bike instead of block and bracing it. In this service, we build a wood box around the bike and brace it by itself. This creates an individual enclosed space for your bike within the container. Most don’t need this service, but does offer maximum security.

Motorcycle Shipping via Air Freight

Besides ocean transport, our air freight division offers services for both importing and exporting motorcycles from the USA. If you need expedited transport for your Harley Davidson, Ninja, or any other vehicle, air freight is an option and works well with short time frames. However, the cost when shipping a motorcycle overseas this way is much more expensive than the container shipment, so price should not be the determining factor. Also, the cost of shipping motorcycles via air freight is based on cubic volume due to the demand for space and weight limits on most airliners.
When using a container or roll on roll off service, most carriers make it optional to have your motorcycle crated. However, when using any international air freight service all bikes must be crated using certified heat treated and stamped wood. There are additional documents that are necessary, with the most important being the SLI form. We’ll direct you on the particular documentation you need once you begin working on your air freight with us.

Cost to Ship a Motorcycle from the USA

There are a few components that affect the cost for international motorcycle shipping as each shipment varies in the overall cost. These include:

For instance, ocean freight in a container for a standard size bike to a main destination like the UK or Australia might cost you $750 from the west coast but that same shipment for a chopper would be more and will vary based on the length. As mentioned, ocean freight is only one part of the equation. You also need to consider domestic transport, whether you are shipping via container, RoRo, or air freight, and the destination charges.

Even those shipping a motorcycle to Europe will find that different countries within the EU have slightly different import fees and requirements. For instance shipping a motorcycle to the UK will have a different price than shipping a motorcycle to Germany. Why Choose Nirvana Cargo To Ship Your Motorcycle Overseas Nirvana Cargo Logistics has taken care of thousands of international motorcycle shipments. With our motorcycle transport safety records exceeding the industry’s standards, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bike is in safe hands. Whether you are shipping a Harley Davidson, ATV, quad, or dirt bike, you will be comfortable knowing that our motorcycle transport company will take care of all aspects of your shipment. If you would like to see first hand how racing motorcycles or vintage bikes are crated, loaded or secured, visit our gallery section. Fill out an online quote request to start your international motorcycle shipping today!

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